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HARMONY en Clerkenwell Design Week 17

HARMONY introduced the latest trends at ‘The Playbox #2’ located in Brewhouse Yard during Clerkenwell Design Week. Visitors were invited to discover the very latest HARMONY collections, always at the cutting-edge of design and to enjoy some garden games.

The event allowed us to launch the latest SIGNATURE collections, exclusive designs created in collaboration with well-known international design studios. With their emphasis on innovation, these collections offer a compendium of ideas, colours and textures, which resonate greatly with interior design professionals.

One of the latest collections introduced at CDW was the LINS collection by YONOH, which plays with light, using crisscrossing lines to generate visual effects perfect for transforming wall surfaces into huge murals.

NUC is a mosaic designed by the MUT studio for Harmony, introduced also at CDW. NUC by MUT collection features mesh-mounted mosaics formed by simple 4.5 cm glass tesserae inspired by the Gestalt Principles, which explain the origin of perceptions in accordance with the stimuli received. Other examples of exclusive Wall covering designs is ELEUSINE by KURAMOTO, designed by the prestigious Japanese studio, it is a stone-effect collection inspired by the irregularity of typical features of everyday life: the shadows of lines cast by the sun on a wall, a hedge made with the leaves of a plant, the vines that cover a wall, special soil that is created when rock is exposed to wind and rain, or the appearance of gradually worn material.