Unique selling proposition


Peronda Group has spearheaded major changes for almost 200 years, developing internationally acclaimed leading brands in ceramic wall and floor tiles.

The group’s expertise, capacity and know-how are all the outcome of a determined bid to innovate, combined with investment into cutting-edge technology and the talent of a team of professionals who are made to feel part of an inspiring, forward-looking business project.

Building together

together since 1827

A business group’s solid reputation is built on daily efforts and a long-term vision. Peronda Group’s growth has always been based on research and investment into technology, with the development of products that stand out for their superior quality and eco-friendly properties. Likewise, the group has always striven to collaborate with local society and to integrate the people who work for the company so that together we can continue to build a leading business project within the international tile sector.

Factory facilities


Constant investment is made into R&D and innovation, with special attention to efficient customer service and ongoing innovations to the design and manufacture of the group’s products.

In recent years, Peronda Group has extended its production centres, with the incorporation of new technology able to infuse its products with ground-breaking added value. One such example is its new production line with 4D technology, able to produce large-format slabs and innovative surface finishes like Shaped or All in One.

Innovation and creativity

INNOVATION and CREATIVITY as distinguishing features

In today’s globalized world, a competitive company is one that stands out for its capacity to innovate. That is why Peronda Group researches and develops new designs and new product ranges, while also striving to improve all its key processes.

LEAN manufacturing

The key to successful innovation is to foster change from within the company—managing processes, optimizing resources, and encouraging teamwork and the workforce’s active engagement so that the outcome can be perceived by customers through our products and service.

Digitalization of processes

As part of the integration of new processes and new changes brought about by “Industry 4.0”, we have developed our own in-house data-collection system. With it, processes can be constantly assessed in real time and, by systematically analysing the data, we boost the efficiency of our workforce and their satisfaction, focusing their efforts on our target markets.

New technologies

At Peronda Group, we strive to keep at the forefront, both in technology and in applications of new products and services conceived to impress customers and to guarantee high added value.

Distribución mundial

A leading group with a growing INTERNATIONAL presence

In the international ceramic wall and floor tile sector, Peronda Group is synonymous with quality and innovation.

Today, it has well-established, strategically located sales offices in different regions of the world so as to optimize the group’s response to customer needs.

CSR Social responsibility

Active social

Peronda Group is committed to helping organizations from differing fields, such as Caritas, the Red Cross, Fundaci?n Alba, Ronald McDonald House (Barcelona) and other local bodies. In addition to providing financial aid, it also collaborates through campaigns to collect food, occasional donations of food and medicine for children, funding for soup kitchens, and staff blood donations in the company facilities, among other things.

The group also has training agreements with various different colleges, universities and institutes to facilitate the integration of young people into the labour market as trainees.

to the environment

Fewer CO? emissions by fitting highefficiency burners and heat exchangers to prevent heat losses and subsequent atmospheric emissions.

Minimization of particle emissions into the atmosphere by using continuous air filtering systems.

Re-use of all raw materials water from the production process. The recycling of over 18,000,000 litres of wastewater per year.

Re-use of all unfired waste. The re-use of 9,000,000kg of material. The recycling of all surplus plastic, cardboard and strapping from the production process.

All our ceramic tiles contain up to 65% recycled material (ISO 14021).

Installation of 1000 LED lights, leading to energy savings of up to 250,000kWh/year in electricity.

Clean technology using water-based inks in the digital tile-printing process.

Fewer CO² emissions by using fully electric fork-lift trucks throughout the whole production process.

All our products have packaging made of fully recycled cardboard. Each year, we use over 600,000kg of recycled cardboard for our packaging.

95% reduction in the consumption of plastic by replacing it with recycled cardboard for all sales packaging.